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The journey to the recovery of the bald eagle population in the United States and particularly in Minnesota has been impressive. We are fortunate in Minnesota to have a thriving bald eagle population (the largest nesting area outside of Alaska!) and that population is on display on the stunning banks of the Mississippi near Wabasha.

The recovery of the bald eagle in the United States has been a long road after being hunted, ddt, etc.

To be or not to be, that is the question

  • Climb the Herman the German statue
  • Visit the Schell’s Brewery
  • Take a walk through German Park
  • Hike nearby Flandrau State Park
  • Shop main street’s boutiques and eateries.

As a Wisconsin native (23 years) and Minnesota transplant (31 years), I had always had grand plans to escape the cold as soon as I hit empty nester status, but alas, my husband had established a thriving business in Minnesota, and leaving what I had long considered an arctic hell hole did not seem to be in the cards. I lamented this, giving voice to it every year when the days became shorter and my skin dried up and began to itch.

It took the pandemic, of all things, to convince me that Minnesota offered an absolute embarrassment of riches that I had not taken advantage of, and I am kicking myself for letting it take this long to figure out. But now that I have, I am thrilled to share on these pages all that I’ve discovered for others who have had a hard time making peace with Minnesota winters.

The catalyst to this change of heart was joining the Minnesota hiking club.

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